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CTWS Monthly Program

Artist: Suzy Powell - Sketch Book Painting

Date: August, 11, 2021

Time: 9:00 a.m.

Zoom Meeting To Be Announced - By Invitation Only through Email!
** Contact to Attend Meeting by Invitation: Pat Jolley - memajolley@yahoo.com **

Suzy Powell will be showing us more of her beautiful sketch- books for our August meeting.

In April we enjoyed seeing Suzy Powell by Zoom as she demon- strated painting a beautiful old truck. If you remember at the end of her demonstration, she showed us several of her journals and sketch books. I think we were all impressed with her drawings, and we are lucky enough that she has agreed to host another demo for us in August. She will be explaining how she makes such beautiful sketch books. There is a lot to think about even though sketch books are usually something you keep for yourself just to remember places and people you have visited.

Suzy lives in west Texas, so it is best for her to hold the meeting by Zoom again. It is just too far a drive to Waco. This will be a fun and interesting meeting to attend (by Zoom).

Donna Swartz

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