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2020 CTWS Spring Membership Workshop

Carl Dalio - Zoom Workshop

The first CTWS workshop via Zoom was very successful! Mr. Dalio the instructor, artist, Zoom presenter. This was new way for Carl Dalio to present his workshop. A participant from Mexico City, who experienced the Zoom workshop. Carl graciously donated to the workshop for a raffle.

2020 CTWS Zoom Workshop Carl Dalio

Carl Dalio"s Studio:

2020 CTWS Workshop Carl Dalio 1

2020 CTWS Workshop Carl Dalio2

The 2020 CTWS Spring Workshop below was cancelled.

2020 CTWS Spring Workshop Carl Dalio

Click here for More information on CTWS Spring 2020 Membership Workshop

For Workshop info, email to: cachapline@yahoo.com

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